"The action sequences fly fast and furiously, tempered by detailed explanations of ciphers, maps, and how the pyramids were built. O'Neill's art is dramatic... young readers just discovering pulpy adventure stories will be appropriately thrilled."

"(O'Neill) balances a spirited plot filled with danger and humor with sturdy art that captures both the historical real-world setting and range of characters, wrapping it all in a package that offers all-ages entertainment, all the way."
—Publishers Weekly

*One of the Best Books of 2013*
"...an intriguing mystery, exotic settings, likable heroes and nasty-but-bumbling baddies. It's an enormously fun read"

"...strong simple lines with knocked back colours, and both action adventure and derring do. A really interesting comic... This, I like."

"...the book is fun, full of action, and educational without being obvious. I would recommend this to any reader who enjoys adventure stories"

"I loved Jonny Quest when I was a kid, and I think my 10-year-old and I will love Rocket Robinson"

"If you know a boy who would love Indiana Jones as Tintin in 1933 Cairo, this is the comic for him."